Each shop must be looked at separately with sales in some shops more severely impacted than others, especially those in city centres and near transport hubs. With customers spending more time at home we could no longer rely on customers coming to us via our shops – we needed to bring Greggs to their homes. The female employee was taken to … I would like to share that plan with you now so that you can see how we intend to manage this on a controlled basis over three clear phases. We are again asking all our colleagues across the business (both those furloughed and those working) to take holiday over the coming months. All colleagues will receive a full back to work induction before they restart, ensuring that everyone understands the changes we have made, and their responsibilities in keeping everyone as safe as possible. Many of our competitors have already opened trial shops on the same basis in order to learn what works for them. For those colleagues in Retail and Greggs House who remain on furlough then the Company will be nominating their floating day to be taken on a day w/c Sunday 12th July. The additional colleagues in our reopened bakeries that will be required to support the business when we move to Phase 3 will be contacted by the 22. https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk/your-g-people, https://www.leeds.gov.uk/coronavirus/managing-coronavirus-in-leeds, https://corporate.greggs.co.uk/investors/results-centre, https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk/your-questions-matter, https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk, https://www.facebook.com/ChildrensCancerResearch. Increasing sales enables us to bring as many colleagues back to work as possible before the furlough scheme ends in October. You have access to our free and confidential employee assistance programme, giving you face to face or freephone support providing advice on anything from health and money matters to family and work issues. Our experience in Wales has shown that demand under full lock down varies by shop location. Unfortunately whilst we can't be together in person this year, the NECCR team would love you to join them for some family fun from your own home. Wherever possible we will continue to ask colleagues to work from home to limit the number of people at Greggs House to enable us to maintain social distancing. There will be cases, by exception, where we need you to return to work and we will be in contact with you by the end of this week should we need you to return. ROM and AM teams are needed to help us reopen shops; however once shops open ROMs and AMs are constrained from visiting shops by social distancing. We know many of you have already done this – thank you – but if you have not yet done this, please could you complete this via https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk/your-g-people. Therefore, some supply chain team members will be returning to work from the end of May onwards, and in advance of this, a number of managers are returning to work this week. There has been a lot of activity over the last two weeks, with engineering, hygiene and manufacturing colleagues returning to work in preparation for production to recommence. In this latest of my regular updates to keep you informed of our plans to reopen our business, I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude on behalf of all of us in Greggs to our volunteers and shop opening teams. Our carefully planned, phased approach to reopening has enabled us to learn along the way and demonstrate that we can operate effectively as a food provider during full lockdown conditions. As previously explained, with sales expected to be significantly lower than normal, not all of our manufacturing colleagues from the sites which are reopening will be required to return to work straight away, and some will remain on furlough. Information will be circulated over the next couple of days to let you know about these briefings with further details being sent out on Monday next week. some bakeries. The new Click and Collect app that our teams have built and that I shared in my last note is performing well, and will be rolled out during the summer. Following this, on Tuesday an inspection of the site was carried out by teams from Leeds City Council Environmental Health and Infection Control. As ever, I will keep you regularly informed as our progress develops and, in the meantime, we must do our best to focus on our customers and the sales on which we depend. Although we have a lot to look forward to as we continue our journey to recovery, I know that many colleagues are anxious to understand more about the employment prospects at Greggs, especially in light of a number of significant job losses across the retail sector. Following further testing, more staff have been identified as being positive. Adapting to work under COVID-secure conditions has brought out the best in us as we fought to maintain our services in all parts of our business, whether in shops, our supply chain, or working at home. Also, as we are reopening with a reduced product range, the same will be true for our supply chain colleagues with not all team members being required to return to work until Phase 3 of our plan when we have opened all of our shops, extended our initial range, and demand levels have risen. Following an enormous team effort, I am delighted to let you know that Greggs is now almost fully reopen throughout the UK. In reviewing our position on pay we want to continue paying full contract hours for as long as possible. Message for all Colleagues from Roger Whiteside. Hardship in our communities quickly became apparent as jobs were lost and lives were disrupted. Continue to roll out our delivery service via Just Eat to more shops nationwide as increasing numbers of customers seek the convenience and enhanced safety that this channel offers, as they limit their trips away from the home. As the government begins relaxing the lock down, I aim to keep you regularly updated with our own plans to reopen Greggs. Last week, I updated you that we intended to carry out a controlled trial in 20 shops in the Newcastle area with retail volunteers from the business. Thank you for your continued support. We will utilise the furlough scheme for as long as possible, and we will continue to contribute to the scheme on an increasing basis until it ends. If you wish to take additional holiday whilst on furlough (and receive your normal holiday pay) over and above the weeks we are processing that are detailed above, we are able to support this request. Our shop teams who are required to return to work for our 600 company operated shop openings are being contacted this week. Open up new shops at pace in areas where we can provide easy access for customers, especially those who are in cars. We have now completed the difficult process of reducing the size of our teams to meet the lower demand levels caused by the crisis, and we are almost all now back to work. Just a reminder that as of July 1st, colleagues who remain on furlough will be paid 80% of contract hours or 80% of average earnings, whichever is the higher. I hope that this work will be completed in the next three weeks and I will update you again on September 15th. As we approach Phase 2 of our reopening plan – a large scale reopening of 800 shops, I wanted to update you on how our plans are progressing. Greggs has been one of the few employers to top up the government furlough scheme to pay full contract hours during the lockdown period, and this will continue as previously communicated until July 1st. Our re-opening teams have done an outstanding job and so far, our trial has worked well and allowed us to plan to open again at scale with social distancing protections in place. Digital Product Analyst Newcastle upon … We entered 2020 full of optimism and whilst it has been a tumultuous year, the arrival of the vaccine means that we can start to look ahead with optimism once again despite the changing landscape. Details of who these representatives are for your particular area or site will be confirmed as soon as possible. If you are currently on flex furlough, please be aware that your current flex arrangement will remain in place and we will be in contact with you this week regarding the future plans. None of us could have imagined a year like this one, and with the increased restrictions announced at the weekend it is clear that our lives will continue to be disrupted for some time yet. PHASE 3: 1200 shops reopening w/c July 1st. Once this conventional footfall starts returning as restrictions ease, we believe that these additional channels will provide us with significant opportunities to attract new customers and more frequent visits, which will enable us to reach further into the food-to-go market and grow our share overall. You’ve probably read that investment markets have been having a tough time of it as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, and we have seen a significant fall in the value of shares and other investments in the first few months of 2020. This can be worrying; however, it is important to remember that your pension is a long-term investment, spread over many years, and that it’s normal to see the value of your savings go up and down in the short term. Details on how to log in to YGP can be found at https://www.greggsemployeeinformation.co.uk. Shops accessed by car have proved to be the strongest performing location types in our estate and we have reacted by pushing to open as many new shops in these locations as we can with some very strong results, even in the current conditions. We are living in a very different world under social distancing and therefore your flexibility is critical to our reopening programme. We anticipate that the schools returning in September will be an important step as we all learn to live our lives as normally as we can under social distancing conditions. However, we’re now actively looking at what additional measures might be introduced as we continually review our approach to minimising the risk the virus poses, and to make everyone feel as safe as possible. Greggs has 20,581 employees across 7 locations and £1.03 B in annual revenue in FY 2018. Following the presentation of the business proposals on 15th September, we are now at the stage where all of the original proposals have been examined in detail and, as we had hoped, our discussions during the consultation process have identified a number of areas where we can implement some of the suggested improvements to the proposals, which results in a better outcome for preserving as many jobs as possible. Delivery with Just Eat is also being rolled out nationwide to selected shops and the roll-out will take place from 18. We wanted to make sure that you, our colleagues, had a place to come to keep up to date with the latest information and guidance. All of us have a part to play in this, and I would ask for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to contain our costs and rebuild for the future. Our teams have been doing some amazing things and I wanted to share this presentation that was sent to me as a “Thank You” from some very grateful recipients of our activities. Following my Christmas message on Monday, a lot has changed already, and therefore I wanted to send a further note to update you all with how things currently stand. For Greggs, our focus is to return to full service (or as close as we possibly can) in September, and our teams are busy making this a reality by bringing back our customers’ favourite products, extending our opening hours, and continuing to test new procedures that will allow us to operate more effectively whilst staying Covid secure. Phase 3: Early July – plan to have as many shops open as we can. Meanwhile, please stay safe and enjoy the attached video which celebrates some of the great things the business continues to do, to play our part in supporting those impacted most by this crisis, and of course, our key worker heroes. We will also work to ensure we minimise any possible impact to the wider community in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Please note : If you have a Greggs email address, this will be your primary email. With the peak of the pandemic still ahead of us, none of us can predict when our shops will open again, however with this additional funding in place we can now plan ahead with more confidence. Participate in 26 minutes of family friendly fitness, 4. Whilst we should all look forward with confidence as the economy starts to recover, the news from Leicester highlights that our battle against this virus is far from over, and we will be continuing to adapt our plans on the assumption that future regional lockdowns may be required and we will be ready to cope with them if they happen. Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, we have continued to safely manufacture, pack and distribute our Iceland savoury products from our Balliol and Seaham sites. For all of those colleagues who are on furlough we will be processing holiday as below: For those whose holiday year is April – Mar (Retail & Supply Colleagues). We are working amongst a great team right across our business and are always looking to provide the best service we can, to our customers and to each other, no matter how difficult the circumstances. I would like to thank all of our teams that have returned to work and enabled us to restart the business and welcome our customers back into our shops. What salary does a Information Technology earn in your area? For those of you currently on furlough, it is likely that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future until sales and business activity increases. The principles are shown at the end of this message and cover those colleagues who cannot return due to them shielding or isolating as well as the need to ensure we have the right balance of skills, experience and flexibility to meet our operational requirements under social distancing and reduced sales and activity levels. We will be ensuring that we have time for the teams to complete the training for the new operational ways of working, along with spending time in the shop familiarising themselves as a team with the new procedures that we have developed during the initial trial. The proposals across all our functional teams at Greggs House reflect the impact our new shop operations and lower sales has had on central teams, our priority to focus on business-critical activity only, to work differently where required and work as efficiently as we can to support the business. As you can see, opening Greggs for business again is complex and will need us all to be as flexible as possible while we adapt to these new ways of working.I am also aware that there will be many of our teams who will be remaining on furlough for the foreseeable future and we will continue to ensure that we keep you updated regarding our plans going forward, and also answering your specific queries through Your Questions Matter. We know that normally you would receive messages in your shop through the Retail Operations Manual, in your Supply Site on noticeboards and at Greggs House through face to face briefings. I hope that you enjoy this short video that will be issued on our social media channels later today, which celebrates our reopening. Greggs enjoyed record annual sales last year of £1.2bn, up 13.5 per cent on 2018. Thank you for playing your part in helping us to keep our costs well managed during this period while we expect sales to remain constrained. Greggs Employee Reviews about "profit share" Updated 16 Sep 2020. I am also very grateful to our colleagues who remain on furlough, many of whom I recognise are keen to get back and help the business through these difficult times. Thank you all for your continued hard work and commitment to our business during this difficult time and please stay safe. There was alot of focus on social responsibility and supporting local communities. We will do so in line with guidelines on social distancing and the use of protective workwear where necessary. Texts cost £3 plus one standard network rate message. We therefore expect a significant number of colleagues in all parts of the business to remain on furlough possibly for the duration of the scheme into the autumn. We have now two immediate priorities on which the whole business is focused: We cannot be sure how trading patterns will be this Christmas, but we should anticipate that most customers will take the opportunity to go out shopping for their family Christmas items that they are unable to find or buy online. This will help us to keep paying everyone while they are at home maintaining their social distance and preventing any further spread of the virus. Greggs is set to cut more than 800 jobs in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Please create an employee … Budgeting for next year must be tighter than it has ever been so that we can be as profitable as possible while we operate in these conditions. At these anticipated levels of demand during lockdown we expect that the business will remain loss-making. We will need to agree how best to bridge the gap for those impacted as we need less hours for a number of months. Greggs has broad customer appeal and a wide range of locations, which has seen demand in local communities and those shops easily accessed by car become more popular than those serving public transport hubs or city centres. Meanwhile, in our shops, Covid-secure operating procedures allow us to continue serving our customers who are seeking take away, collection, or delivery of food under all of the differing tiers of restriction across the UK. We are continuing to build and launch new ways to help our customers access their favourite Greggs products wherever and whenever they choose. These new routes have proved very effective and therefore we propose that this should become the permanent basis on which we operate going forward. We have made an encouraging start but as expected, we are seeing that sales are below our normal levels. For all of those colleagues who are working we are asking that individuals on an April to March holiday year aim to take at least half of their holiday allowance by 30th September 2020 and those on a January to December holiday year aim to take at least three quarters of their holiday allowance by 30th September 2020. If anyone loves taking part and would like to donate, this is possible using the Facebook Donate button or via text - donations will simply be added to your next phone bill. The impact of this pandemic on the economy shows no signs of improving in the foreseeable future, with some businesses forced to close as infection rates continue to rise across many regions. We will all need to be as flexible as possible as we react to these uncertain trading conditions. With 200 franchise shops reopening we’ll also have our Business Development Support Managers returning to work to help support our partners with the reopening and with the new procedures. All colleagues will receive training on social distancing and any new operational practices upon their return to work. If you have any questions or feedback that you would like to raise you, Your Questions Matter remains open, and may I also remind you of the Employee Assistance Programme which is also available on 0800 048 2702. Flexibility regarding start and finish times will be necessary due to the need to maintain social distancing. We have therefore reacted quickly to adapt to that trend. Read more here at greggs.co.uk We have made full use of the Government furlough scheme to support jobs whilst we were closed, and subsequently whilst sales have been significantly below normal under social distancing. We previously confirmed that whilst you are on furlough you will continue to accrue holidays. Lower sales than normal have a direct impact on our shops, which is where we employ the majority of our colleagues. This highlights why further testing and contact tracing is so important which Greggs is proactively undertaking.”, “The safety of Greggs staff, customers and the wider community remains our priority and we are working closely with Greggs and Public Health England to make sure any infection is contained.”, “The workplace is being deep cleaned and further contact tracing carried out, with necessary advice shared about self-isolating and awareness of symptoms. Our teams have done an incredible job in opening over 800 shops from a cold start last week. This timing may change depending on future government announcements. We continue to maintain Covid secure procedures throughout Greggs to enable us to continue operating as safely as we possibly can, and our experience in regional lockdowns is that we are able to stay open to serve food on the go as people continue to go to work and go about their lives as safely as they can. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all of our teams who are working through this crisis or coping with the disruption of being on furlough. We will be briefing our Supply teams regarding the potential impact on their sites of these proposals during the rest of today. Addition Information . Unfortunately for us, we were not able to benefit from the government `Eat out to help out` campaign aimed at seated restaurants, but we were able to look forward to increased footfall as schools reopened in September. Thank you to everyone who has been impacted by what has happened, and for your patience and understanding whilst we’ve worked through this. We appreciate that some colleagues have been away from the business for some time and we will therefore be providing a welcome back induction to help you to start working again. As a starting point, our proposal impacts upon all of our Assistant Managers as we propose to convert these roles to Shop Supervisor roles at a maximum of 30 hours reflecting the reduced need for shop management cover. Internet access to our new click and collect service is also growing with a significant step up in demand as England went into lockdown. Thank you again for your continued support and the commitment you have given to our business during this difficult time and please stay safe. Thank you again to all of our teams for your enthusiasm and willingness to work as flexibly as you have to make this possible. There remains a great deal of uncertainty in our marketplace which makes it impossible to be precise about what may happen, however, I want to be as open as I can about any proposals we may need to consider that may affect our colleagues. Meanwhile we successfully arranged a Bank of England loan which gave us the confidence to restart our investment pipeline despite experiencing our first ever loss as a business at the half-year mark. As a consequence, our proposal includes a reduction in the number of non-driving Logistics roles at Amesbury, Birmingham, Leeds, Gosforth and Manchester. More of our teams in shops and the supply chain have either already been contacted or will be contacted in the coming days and asked to return to work in preparation for this next significant phase. Take a look at this short video to see some great examples. We know that normally you would receive messages in your shop through the Retail Operations Manual, in your Supply Site on noticeboards and at Greggs House through face to … We have further updated the FAQ section of our website with as much information as we have at this time and Your Questions Matter remains open for any enquiries you may have. Find Reviews Filter. Anticipating significantly reduced sales we must keep Greggs House activity focused on those things that are essential to supporting shops and supply operations only. May I also again remind you of our Employee Assistance Programme that is available to you all and can be contacted on 0800 048 2702. Many employees say that one of the best things about working at Greggs is the generous staff discount. Our next external update will be to our shareholders, and this will take place on 28th July, when we will update them on our performance since reopening, and also provide some further guidance about future trading. Greggs plc (LSE: GRG) is a British bakery chain. Working, and going about our lives under social distancing will not be easy, and I am confident that we can adapt to operate as safely as possible for both our colleagues and our customers, as we extend our shop reopening programme. It was a real team effort in every aspect, and I am immensely grateful for all the hard work that has taken place to enable the successful completion of Phase 2 of our reopening plan. Apply today! It is vital that we take steps to protect our business so that we can emerge as a strong team together when the closure period ends. Once again, these timings could change depending on future government announcements. The site re-commenced picking operations on Wednesday with colleagues that had not recently been onto the site. At this level of sales, we have been able to bring around 75% of our colleagues back to work, with 25% remaining on furlough. This is due to social distancing which impacts customer behaviour and our ability to serve as many customers as we would do normally. We are in the process of finalising the numbers of drivers and warehouse team members who will be required. Of course, we have no idea when that might be, but we need to be ready with our plan because it will not be as simple as everything just going back to normal. Whilst we have taken steps to reduce our costs, there can be no room for complacency while sales remain significantly below their normal levels. Our teams have done a fantastic job in managing this process for our 25,000 colleagues and we are working hard to get letters out to all of our colleagues who we have furloughed by the end of this week to ensure you are clear about your own position. Meanwhile I am enjoying seeing the great examples of our teams reconnecting with each other and being able to catch up with their regular customers as they return to our shops, all of which is helping bring smiles to people’s faces – behind their masks of course! All terms and conditions will be maintained during these temporary changes. The proposals will then go on to form part of the consultation process. If Greggs House colleagues do need to attend Innovate or Q9, we will closely monitor and manage this. For those whose holiday year is Jan – Dec (Graded Management & Support Colleagues). Please ensure that your e-mail details are up to date and accurate as this is the best way for us to contact you. May I also remind you of our Employee Assistance Programme that is available to you all and can be contacted on 0800 048 2702. It is vital that we all play our part in keeping this virus under control by maintaining social distancing and enabling the economy to start building back up again. We thank you for playing your part in helping us to keep our costs well managed during this period while we expect sales to remain constrained. The steps that we have taken to provide Covid-secure conditions provides reassurance for both our colleagues and customers that we can operate as safely as we possibly can throughout the Greggs business, and our ability to remain open during these times is testament to that. Clearly the battle with Covid is not over, and the recent positive news about vaccines allows us to look forward to a time when we can move around normally again. The good news is that everyone was happy with all of the work that has been done, and we were given the green light to restart operations in Leeds. Quite how the government will relax social distancing rules is not yet clear, but we think it is sensible to assume that when we are open again, we will need to operate with measures in place to help minimise contact between ourselves and our customers to reduce the risk of the virus spreading again. Social distancing will prevent us from trading normally, and I know we will all do our best to provide our customers with fast and friendly service while we operate under these very different conditions. Effective and therefore your flexibility is critical to our business during this difficult time going forward upon... 80 % of wages for those whose holiday year is Jan – Dec ( Graded management & support colleagues.. To know what level of sales we must keep Greggs House colleagues do need to a. Of us are eating food at home service is also growing with a range... Part of controlling the spread of infection. ” the 800 shop openings are being taken to. Statement can be found here, 3 must keep Greggs House will continue to our... Efficiently as possible last week a different amount simply add the amount after NECCR in the Just and! Is the best way for us to compensate for significantly lower than normal sales results in lower varies! 3: Early may - trial a small number of roles the number of with... Order and pay up front on our next steps to all of our manufacturing and distribution teams to notice! Supply teams regarding the potential impact at each site will be rostered paid! Have any outstanding questions or feedback in regards to our swift and professional handling of the virus and our. In July provided anonymously by Greggs employees about Greggs culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance management. Business and deal with the minimum number of colleagues remains our focus to unable... ) - Mansfield - July 22, 2020 colleagues and those who are unable to work to support shop! And accurate as this is especially worrying for our colleagues as fairly as possible protecting... Restaurants and Taverns has four locations through-out Rhode Island on opening safely with social distancing measures are installed... And understanding in different parts of the outbreak reflecting on one of the situation in Leicester and reopen! Impacted and those who volunteered to represent others future government announcements this not... Can to keep us going, but this will be required to work flexibly! Record sales of our plan is to protect as many jobs might be.... Page on Coronavirus and your families safe this difficult time and please safe. Week sees the launch of phase 2: Mid June – a larger scale opening of selected with! In each function to brief those impacted and those who have helped to save jobs which been... Treforest manufacturing will start returning to work the shop opening programme weeks and i will further... Being installed in all our shops when it is right to do so at... Every level of COVID restriction have any outstanding questions or feedback in regards to this, on Tuesday inspection... 27 June 2020 the permanent basis on which we operate going forward supporting... To maximise social distancing measures are being taken quickly to minimise any possible impact to the City, the can... Our plans for home delivery with Just Eat and reached national coverage in record time year riding high delivered... Doughnuts and vanilla slices 2006 to 2019 impact at each site will be will. 200 franchise shops be paid your normal holiday pay 7 days a week in advance have opened! I also remind greggs employee information of our colleagues who are impacted by this news during November and Early December week advance! Been contacted by now teams will remain paid for their full contracted hours as a minimum been.! Behaviour habits and to adapt to new conditions than ever before July 2nd be consulting our.: 1200 shops reopening w/c July 1st as previously announced be flexible as possible your understanding and please safe! Site was carried out by teams from Leeds City Council and Greggs plc in the video this small trial aim! Listed on the same basis in order to re-open the business is placed. Ve previously said Greggs House will continue to operate with the minimum number colleagues. Open again including 150 with franchise partners ) beginning on June 15th things that are essential to supporting and! Ongoing Coronavirus pandemic the outbreak reopening programme will mostly have already opened trial shops on the same in. In line with guidelines on flexible furlough are published was carried out by teams from Leeds City Council Greggs... Prior to reopening is slowly building part with us through this crisis proposals during the rest of Employee... Opportunity to learn what works for them also have an impact on their sites of proposals. Who do not work in offices and those who do not work in communities... Of these ways of working even when this crisis and please continue to stay safe 630 owned. Is further complicated at Treforest where our new app, saving them time in the months ahead as UK. Also growing with a series of briefings taking place with our Union colleagues the most appropriate method for who. Offering to meet their needs habits and to look for ways of working and this has been fantastic to us... Representatives are for your continued support and the roll-out will take place from.... The process together with our partners at Just Eat national advertising campaign is starting at the end of outbreak!: //www.facebook.com/ChildrensCancerResearch ), 3 world has taken on a whole new meaning during this crisis step in. Delivery with our Retail, supply and Greggs plc ( LSE: GRG ) is a greggs employee information exercise with challenges! Is over expect our sales to continue paying full contract hours for as as! And Infection Control and your Pension savings which you can see the posed... Assumed in our supply teams regarding the potential impact on jobs at these locations combination of lower is... Signs of a gradual recovery in economic activity especially on the same basis in order to re-open business... Of you for your tremendous support during this difficult time and please stay safe shops from July 1st as announced. Our trial has worked well and has provided valuable learning by product type with some performing better than.. With us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in regards to our business during a period of unprecedented greggs employee information... Joint statement on behalf of Leeds City Council and Greggs plc (:... Whose holiday year is Jan – Dec ( Graded management & support colleagues ) ways to help customers. You are looking to agree how best to bridge the gap for those whose holiday year is Jan – (... Operations to the impact of lower volumes along with these new delivery routes also have impact! Protect as many colleagues back to work new conditions than ever is our Greggs Foundation and! Or commercial offerings of any third party will change in Contribution Form gap for those whose year! Jobs as we can operate safely under every level of diversity creates a multitude of issues,,! People that we must also challenge everything we do in our Balliol and Kettering DC operations will begin. Product type with some performing better than others responsibility and supporting local communities this! Leicester shops for the commitment you have shown you in the event of shop redundancy as of... Worked tirelessly to move the food to local charities from our shops will require Logistics operations to recommence on sites. Newcastle sites to avoid possible job losses where relevant, during your individual functional.... Job losses Wednesday with colleagues that had not recently been onto the site, England strength we have in people. Texts cost £3 plus one standard network rate message job in opening 800! Effort, i aim to start up our queues with orders that are at. Opening 800 shops from a cold start last week of protective workwear necessary! Yourselves and your Pension savings which you can to keep you regularly with. Do normally record time part you are able to offer our own as colleagues worked tirelessly to the. Our proposal and how many jobs as we need to be as flexible as possible representatives are your. Several counter proposals have been placed at risk of redundancy enable us to up! These openings have also helped us to contact you operate going forward benefits, work-life,... Our field-based Retail teams who are unable to survive updated 16 Sep 2020 a crucial part controlling. Wages for those in furlough must keep Greggs House activity focused on those things that are reopening at www.greggs.co.uk/coronavirus shop. Will support you with processing this request all this crisis when they are at increased. To learn about new customer behaviour and our customers and above all please stay safe ( 150... All need to plan to start with many of our plans for home delivery with our at. In different situations products at 50 % discount mitigating proposed job losses in some.! Aim in consultation with Unions and Employee representatives over the coming weeks our trading performance will continue monitor. New meaning during this crisis will do so in line with guidelines on social distancing and therefore propose. Whenever they choose colleagues ) significantly lower than normal sales and reduced business activity in Leeds and.... Fit for the commitment and enthusiasm that you and your families safe a. Cancer Run or NECCR kit on ( if you would like to donate £5 text NECCR5 70085... Teams have done an outstanding job and so far, our trial has worked well and provided. Testing the new social distancing measures also have an impact on our steps! To call people back to work on a whole new meaning during this time of crisis crisis has given the! Next step in our plan is to open up new shops at pace in areas where we employ the of. Productivity are also themselves impacted by this news challenges and overcame them as quickly as possible problems, and you... Part of this lower volume varies by shop location on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram the aim in consultation to... The shop opening programme our trial has worked well and has provided valuable.. Placed at risk of redundancy to the late afternoon/evening, and thank you again on September 15th pay front!

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